Weight Watchers 0 Point Foods

Quickly and easily determine whether a food is in your ww zero point foods list.

  1. Select a checkbox (green, blue, or purple) on the left.
  2. To quickly filter the list, type a food of your choosing.
  3. Instantly find out if your food of choice costs zero smart points.

GREEN: This plan consists of a higher smart points budget, but only contains 100+ zero point foods. Green was formerly known as smart points "Beyond the Scale".

BLUE: Consists of a moderate smart points budget, and contains 200+ zero point foods to choose from. Blue was previously called "Freestyle Smart Points".

PURPLE: Consists of a lower smart points budget, but contains 300+ zero point foods. Lastly, the "Simply Filling" plan has been revived as purple.

NOTE: These zero point lists are identical to their respective Weight Watchers PDFs.

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